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Welcome to locally owned Golden Book Preschool since 1987.
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After all my searching, phone calls, visits, Internet research for violations, etc., the minute I met Pam and the staff, I knew Golden Book Pre-School was right for my daughter. Pam and her staff always have suggestions for any situation. They are willing to discuss whatever might arise, and respects your final decision. Most importantly. as a full-time working mother, I knew I needed to find a place where my daughter could bond with her clay care providers.
Our experience so far at Golden Book Preschool has far exceeded my expectations, and brought a great. deal of peace to this first time Mom. The environment is always clean and welcoming. We are always greeted by one of the workers to help the transition to “Daycare time.”

All the children, from the very youngest to the very oldest are exposed to a variety of activities and all are included, as is age-appropriate. This may mean a 1 year old sitting on one of the daycare providers laps watching the action, or a 2 year oki doing an art. project. All children are appreciated for their unique gifts, and activities are tailored to their individual developmental needs. I was amazed with the range of activities, things to play with, and the dliversity in the children and caregivers.

Golden Book is a place where our daughter can play, learn, draw pictures, garden, explore, sing. dance, and most importantly just be herself. Golden Book Pre—school provides stability with consistent loving caregivers instead of a continuous change in providers or classrooms.
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