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Welcome to locally owned Golden Book Preschool since 1987.
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Golden Book Pre-School,
Two years ago, our family moved from Illinois to Tallahassee, FL and entered a new chapter in our lives. As part of a job change, we moved here knowing very little about the town and even fewer people. We knew that two things would make this move a happy move, finding a nice home in a good neighborhood and finding a y good daycare for our daughter, Allison. We selected South wood for our home and have been very happy with our choice of neighborhoods. Finding the right daycare arrangements took far more time and effort than finding a nice home. We looked at several facilities, touring each and if initially suitable then both of us would look more closely at the preschool. One by one, each daycare that initially appeared to be a good daycare dropped out of consideration as we investigated further. We ultimately selected Golden Book daycare and have been very pleased with our choice.
We did not select Golden Book because it is close to our home or work, it’s not and nearly doubles our commute time. We did not look at Golden Book because it was the cheapest daycare we could find, that was not a concern for us as we looked. We were willing to pay more in order to get a good facility and you can imagine our pleasant surprise when we discovered how reasonable Golden Book is on their prices when compared to other facilities. Many other facilities were more expensive and were, in our opinion, of much lower quality. We selected Golden Book solely based upon what we saw when visiting, a staff that genuinely cares about the students, a group of children that are very obviously happy at Golden Book and a facility that is designed smartly for a daycare. Everything was in place and gave us a comfortable sense that our daughter would be in good hands each day.

One aspect that was very important to both of us when reviewing various daycares was that we each wanted to be able to focus on work during the day and not have a nagging feeling about our daughter’s well-being. That comfort is worth more than the cost of daycare and is that priceless value we get from Golden Book.

Last Halloween, we were once again proven correct about our decision to place Allison in Golden Book. While we were handing out candy at our home to the Trick-or-Treaters, Allison’s teacher from Daycare stopped by our house with her relatives. Allison wasn’t really enjoying the evening and didn’t want to go trick-or-treating or even hand out candy. When Miss La Tasha came to the house, Allison ran up to her, gave her a big hug, became enthused about Halloween and went Trick-or-Treating with Miss La Tasha for a while. We were, and have always been, very impressed with what a great rapport the teachers and students have with each other. Also, we have been continually impressed with how well the staff knows the parents.
Each Friday, it is my honor as a dad, to take Allison for the 4 year-old version of happy hour. We go for ice cream if she has been good during the week. The staff is well aware of this tradition and are very helpful by giving me a behavior report each day when I pick her up. Usually they are generous and recommend that she be taken for ice cream each Friday. Only on rare occasions, does a teacher recommend not going for ice cream and when that happens, Allison earned the right to have a treat.
For the past two years, we have greatly enjoyed Golden Book and it is obvious that Allison enjoys Golden Book. It was clearly a good decision and has helped to make our transition to Tallahassee and happy and easy change. In the future, I am sure that when we look back on this time in our lives, we will recall the happiness that we found in Tallahassee. We will attribute those good memories to a happy home, the good friends we have made over the past two years and joy of seeing a smiling, happy child each day after work.
Thank you Golden Book!
Carl and Michelle Mikyska
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