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Welcome to locally owned Golden Book Preschool since 1987.
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The Golden Book Philosophy & Goals
The Golden Book Preschool is based on Pensacola Christian College’s Abeka Curriculum and Wee Learn. We believe in a hands-on approach, because most children learn by doing. Our primary focus is to meet each child’s needs
The Golden Book Preschool serves as a support system for the child and his or her family. Our staff has been carefully selected and specially trained. Each age group has planned activities to meet specific developmental goals for that specific age.
Our Classroom Goals
The primary goal is make our toddlers safe and happy and to provide a nurturing environment. We believe they thrive on new experiences, so we provide them as much care as we can until time for the parents to return. We believe it is important to encourage social skills, like sharing, at this age.
Each child is given the opportunity to develop at their own pace by teaching them some of the basic skills: colors, numbers, and the alphabet. Encouraging sharing and interacting with others are fundamental social skills. This program also offers potty training.
Our goal in this program is to provide an environment that allows self-expression. Children also develop language and number skills that will be needed for kindergarten. The child is encouraged to make independent decisions so he or she may gain a healthy self-concept and live positively with others.
In this program we cover the standards identified by the Florida Legislature as necessary for a new kindergartener. The State Performance Standards cover the areas of PHYSICAL HEALTH, APPROACHES TO LEARNING, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL, LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION, COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, and MOTOR DEVELOPMENT. Our teachers provide activities that cover these areas daily. It is a requirement that your child be here on time for VPK each day. We use the Abeka and Wee Learn Curriculums and the Kindness Curriculum.
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