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Welcome to locally owned Golden Book Preschool since 1987.
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Personal Belonging & Dress
Anything brought from home should be labeled with your child’s name. Children are encouraged to show responsibility for their clothes and personal items. Labeled cubbies are provided for each child. Please limit toys to special items for sleeping and Show and Tell Day.
Your child should come to school dressed to play. Comfortable, durable play clothes and tennis shoes are highly recommended. Sandals, jellies, and flip-flops are inappropriate choices for school. Dirty or wet clothing that is taken off of your child will be put into plastic bags and placed in the child’s cubby or in a bag from home.
Toddlers Clothing
We do not provide diapers or wipes. Please send a change of clothing for your child. If your toddler has special needs concerning diapering, for example cream for diaper rash, please inform the staff.
Withdrawing Students
It is our goal for your child to remain at the Golden Book Preschool throughout the year. If you should withdraw your child we need a written notice before withdrawing. Our operating costs are fixed with a certain number of students. This is a necessary policy and its enforcement helps us finance children with excellent care. You will be responsible for the remaining contract term.
Child pick-up
For your child’s safety, we require that a staff member personally receive him or her each morning. In the afternoon we prefer that you walk through the building to pick up your child. We must be informed if a person other than Mom or Dad will be picking up your child. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION OF A CHANGE.
Late pick-up fee
The Golden Book Preschool is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. CLOSING TIME IS NOT FLEXIBLE!. Many of our staff is full time. There are no provisions to care for children after 6:00 p.m. To emphasize this point, you will be charged $1.00 for each minute you are late and it is due on your arrival at the school. (Checks for tardiness charges should be separate from your regular tuition check.)
Meal Times
Each morning breakfast is served at 8:00 A.M. The menu varies daily. A typical breakfast could include fruit, hot cereal or toast and juice or milk. We provide a nutritious meal Monday through Friday that consists of a protein, fruit & vegetable.
At 2:30 PM we will provide a snack. This menu also varies daily. A typical snack could include cheese and saltine crackers, a vegetable and milk or juice.
The menus for snack, breakfast and lunch are posted for your convenience near the main entrance to the school. Remember to inform your child’s teacher and the office of any dietary restrictions.
Parking spaces are available on the side of the building. Please do not block the flow of traffic. Do not leave your car with the motor running. ALWAYS WATCH FOR THE CHILDREN!
Field Trips
The older children may be taken on field trips around the city. Some of the places we visit are the Florida Museum of Natural History, movie theaters, the Mary Brogan Museum of Arts and Sciences. Special permission slips will be sent home with the children to be signed by the parent or guardian. A signed permission slip is required for your child to participate in any field trip. SEAT BELTS ARE ALWAYS WORN!
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Conferences concerning your child’s progress are given with the input of the entire staff. Parents requesting conferences need to set up appointments with the main office. Please do not expect impromptu conferences with individual teachers during school hours.
When the weather is warm, we do play in the sprinklers and pools. Let us know if your child has tubes in his or her ears and of any other restrictions concerning water play.
Children may celebrate their birthday at school after naptime. The director must approve parties set for any other time.
Disaster Plan
Parents please be advised that the Golden Book Preschool will be closed in the event of a hurricane or other violent storms. We will follow the Leon County School schedule if they are closed we will also be closed. Please stay tuned to local news stations during Hurricanes and other severe weather.
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