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Welcome to locally owned Golden Book Preschool since 1987.
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Note From The Owner, Pam.
Thirty-two years ago, in January 1988 I opened the doors at 3123 Eliza Road as a young mother, with an entrepreneur spirit, I was searching for an opportunity where I could nurture my own children and instill a moral and ethical base in my family that would guide us through life choices, I also wanted to be a meaningful contributor to my community. Golden Book Preschool has allowed me to do both.
As the owner of Golden Book Preschool, I am afforded the opportunity to create an environment where young children are nurtured, yet challenged, and this allows me to inspire not only my own children but others to a life long love of learning.
We at Golden Book Preschool take the responsibility to build positive self-images. We have always tried to look at the whole child and celebrate their uniqueness. As a mother of three children, I realize that building and maintaining relationships are crucial in the development of your child. Life affords all of us triumphs and tragedies. The loss of my son, Colin by meningitis has allowed me to become a more caring, compassionate person, respecting others beliefs and traditions, hardships and common experiences.
So you see . . . this really is not "all about me"
It is "all about you and your precious children".
Come join the Golden Book Preschool family and embrace the notion that our everyday joy and safety and standards of character are centered on a balance of academics, fine arts, athletics and extracurricular activities.
We believe at Golden Book Preschool in whole child development.
Heads to know the good,
Hearts to love the good,
And Hands to do the good.
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